Collection of my ramblings

Performing at an algorave!

Controlling audio effects on Sonic Pi with OSC

The Elevator Problem

Vipasanna Happened.


Advent of Code because I hate sleeping

Everything bagel on shader park

Uh EuroPython board member ?! like whaat?

Programming musical constructs with Sonic Pi

On collaborative editing algorithms

The RUM conjecture

Onto something new...


Elixir processes for concurrency and coolness

so, about the Fold function

Pycon 2022 and the other nice things that came with it

Currying: for multi argument functions & your taste buds



A MinMax problem without terms and conditions

Yoo! Sonic Pi slaps

Rambling #42069

Concurrency in Go

The Holy Circle of Fifths

Fundamental music theory: Week #1

Building a toy Database


Working through mit6.824 - Distributed Systems

To Dependency hell and back with Python

Is American Boy by Estelle hiding deeper meaning ?

Randomly Generated Kanye memes for your interpretation

Life lessons: How to be cool

T-1 Day at RC: Au Revoir Shoshanna

T-2 Day at RC: Get Shit Done

T-3 Day at RC: Art and Memes

T-4 Day at RC: Attend Literally Everything

T-5 Day at RC: The __init__

Jupyter and it's 79 Dashboards

More deets on Geopandas and Interactive maps

You know I'm something of a Recurser myself

After years of just playing games I finally make one

Aha moments! Fixing sound input/output on Ubuntu

To be or not to be with data structures

Jokes and other trivial things ...


Curb your data with Huffman coding

The Mathematical theory of communication

Morse Code & The Beginning of an era

Wait ! so hamming codes are cool ?

Existential Crisis #456872

Say hello to DuhDoy

'Tis Build-a-Loadbalancer Day

Adding Jazz to your Python scripts

Looking inside Python 3.9

A mighty fine time at Europython 2020

Realtime channels with FastAPI + Broadcaster

Internet's own boy

Notes on nand2tetris #2

Notes on nand2tetris #1

What if my playlist is not cool enough

Memoir on React.js

Say hello to Geopatra

Machine Generated Random Numbers

Learning Async programming using Python

The Three Memeketeers

Towards the Open Source gods


Behind your Web Application (WSGI + Web server)

Say hello to dadjokes-cli

Bruh moments so far

Going to NYC for Pygotham 2019

So I am going to write