Towards the Open Source gods

Posted by StuffonmyMind on January 5, 2020

When I was in college I wanted to work on everything I considered to be cool, I didn’t spend time learning and just started jumping into projects half assed and just worked on it enough to make it work. I wrote shit code that just worked, Totally unreadable, Silly shortcuts, embarrassing mistakes and man should I even start about reproducibility. One of my projects used to only work on a full moon from 12 - 2AM when the demons could hear compilation

I’m not in college anymore and more recently I’ve started writing code that is going into production and is critical so I can’t afford to write code that “just works”. It’s also high time I learn to write code I can shed happy tears about. I figured the best way to do that is to start my pilgrimage towards to open source gods. Looking at some of the code written on amazing open source projects opened a million doors

So I am going to track my Open source Journey here,


My very first Open source contribution was made by following the big Gsoc hype. I thought that contributing can lead way to Gsoc which never happened and I kinda lost track being lazy :( I had never used yellowbrick before but it turned to be quite useful so I decided to contribute a simple example (That was my NLP Phase)

Was kinda scared at first but the maintainers were really appreciative and amazing that I ended up writing a blog about it too

PyPa Packaging

Ok so this was pretty big for me since I felt confident enough to move from contributing documentation to actual code, well github action but still counts

It felt amazing to contribute to pypa cause I fanboy over Brett Cannon ( ) and Dustin Ingram (The million amazing Pycon talks)


I am actually still looking to contribute more to geopandas cause it’s an amazing package and I use it almost regularly at work.

Documentation Issue

Also to_postgis has potential to postgres flavored, this couldn’t be done in pandas

Added Changelog to docs

Creating a geodataframe out of a datframe modified the original dataframe, so I created a copy of the dataframe before it was modified, this is actually my first actual code contribution to geopandas:)


Moved to fstrings, This was a pretty low hanging fruit


Not really gonna count this but documenting it anyway, fixed a broken link

Apache Airflow

This was exciting, airflow is a workflow orchestrator that I have been using at work for quite some time now and it was exciting to contribute a feature, the PR will enable filtering of dags by clicking on the tags

I feel like I should stop doing this, Documenting this is getting tiresome and I am getting lazy when anyway it’s all on github. Sorry future me :(