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I have a mouth and sometimes words come out of it, I sometimes stammer when nervous but love to have the stage for myself. Ironic. But here are the some of the times I embarassed myself in public with consent of course, and will continue to do

Spatial Thinking with Python

  • Pydata Bangalore (Sep-2019) Video
  • Pygotham NYC (Oct-2019) Video

Interactive Mapmaking with Python

  • Europython (July-2020) Video
  • Pycon Australia (September-2020) Video
  • Python ML and GeoPython (September-2020) Proposal

Jazzit (Lightning Talk)

  • Pycon India (October-2020) Video

Two is Better than One: A segment on ensembling models

Build-A-Database with Python

  • Pycon US (April-2022) Video
  • EuroPython (July-2022) Video

Beatmaking with Python and FoxDot

  • Pycon Australia (August-2023) Video