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Be Bored
Please Be Bored
Do Nothing
Empty your mind
Extend into the infinite expanse
Stay with me
Says the voice
When I look in the mirror

Sat on the ground with a heavy head
Closed my eyes
I see dread
Guts spilt into the abyss
Moving shapes and intricate Patterns
extending to infinity
Am I just a projection
of stolen personalities

I died
I came back
I didn’t recognise myself
never had that knack
A long way to go
I tell myself
flickering lights in a shady bar
eyes wide open and mind in musing
when will I understand ?
I don’t always find the right phrasing
flickering lights in a shady bar
your journey is yet to start
For you’ve come this far

Fairy lights and wine glasses
Faces so lively
Surrounded by people
I’m so lonely
I wanna go
No stay
What if I miss
The stories, oh what a day

Moon wearing her crescent
Stars in all their glory
Just me alone, a present soul
Living out my story
I have everything I want
Nothing more nothing less
Boundless joy and Entropy
What a beautiful mess

It’s just me
It’s just me
There’s noone else

You look up to me
Eyes Red
Filled with dread
Kill me
You said
But baby
You’re already dead

Is your soul at Zero Entropy ?

Random acts of kindness
Make strangers smile and so will you
Unconditional love in abundance
Makes Heaven a place on Earth

And in the blink of an eye
My whole world changes

They are taking pictures
You don’t take pictures do you
You don’t give a shit
You sit on my balcony
Look around judging people
You can stay still
You can’t stop moving
For hours
You lick you growl
You stay silently still
What are you thinking

That’s a star
Hidden between the clouds
Its a million miles away
Its moving away from you
Light years ahead
It gets dimmer and dimmer
One day its no more
It’s not just this star with this fate
Every star observable to us
Will disappear forever
Die out of sight
Until one day
The beautiful night sky we relish
Will become a myth
A Fairytale for the innocent
Oh how the stars would shine
They shine now
They shine for you
Just look up

Am I living
or just keeping myself occupied

I feel uneasy
I do not know what to do
I swing my leg left and right
Just shut your eyes