What if my playlist is not cool enough

Posted by StuffonmyMind on April 11, 2020

Everyone listens to music, its fun soothing and honestly makes me wanna not kill myself when travelling. its always fun to share the music you love with other people, I’ve always found that it’s an excellent icebreaker and a way to bond. But there is always this mental barrier.. What if my music is not cool enough ? or worse it what if the other person likes nickelback.

Back in college manliness was measured by the number of experimental prog metal bands you can name and you can only listen to clairo alone with noice cancelling headphones cause you dont want the guys to discover that you could be a pretty girl. Maybe your whole personality revolves around the fact that you love death grips and you literally cannot and will not let anything else define you as a person cause being different is the only thing that will fill the void your unhappy childhood left in your soul. I apologize for the above statements, Now I am trying to fill in words so that this paragraph looks symmetric on the website.

God bless the return of 80s Nostalgia

Alright, getting back here’s part 1 of my favorite music: Vaporwave edition (April 2020: Midst the corona pandemic)

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I started listening to Midnight when the whole vaporwave 80s retro movement started, I think it was around 2016 when I stumbled upon Los Angeles & Days of Thunder. It was love then and now. My favorite song by The Midnight is Sunset from Endless Summer Closely followed by Days of Thunder, Vampires and Jason. Almost all the songs have this vibe that just make me feel good. I mean that saxophone solos in almost every song is just uhhhhhh sooo goood

Recently Weeknd’s Blinding lights single gave out a similar vibe and oh boy I think synthwave seems to be making its way to the mainstream and I couldn’t be happier. Since I mentioned the Weeknd I would also like to acknowledge my love for Abel 🖤

  • Snow
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All Hail the Queen

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I still remember the first time I heard Lana Del Rey. I was watching The Great Gatsby when Young and Beautiful started playing. I remember immediately picking up my phone to look for the artist. Her iconic Voice makes every song sound epic. Born to die, Paradise, ultraviolence, Lust for life and Norman fucking rockwell. I stan everything this queen does. Listening to Lana is a whole mood 😫 I know she is not exactly synthwave but she gives off a very similar vibe for me.

Well I was recovering from the abundance of queens producing angelic sounds when dua lipa dropped Future Nostalgia

This was just piling on the existing list of amazing 80s nostalgic tracks that came out in the recent past. Sythwave finally making its way mainstream and actually doing well is actually freaking amazing. I remember listening to Home- Resonance and MACINTOSH PLUS, it quickly was made super popular in the online community, with memes, dubs, even vines and tiktoks.

Well this was me fanboying over synthwave but I mean we all diversify, but there are specific artists that get me hooked to a genrem they open up that world for me. To pimp a butterfly introduced me to kendrick and opened the whole world of hiphop for me. Eminem introduced me to rap and Fall out boys introduced me to the world of high school white boy trash. Recently I am falling in love with the voice of Daniel Caesar and Frank Ocean. I also sometimes go old school with Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Nirvana and David Bowie.

Also one of the best genres I have heard recently is Jazz Rap, especially freeform jazz by Uyama Hiroto. Much love 🖤🖤 to these tunes…

Lol I could go on forever. I just created a playlist with some of the my GOAT tunes. Hope future me approves

All this was an elaborate ruse to plug in my playlist

Ok The name is very weird but it has a : Shelby cause Mustang is my favorite, and 7* 4 is 28 which is my birthday and I jam 4 hrs a day for 7 days a week.

These are some of the ways I waste my time