T-4 Day at RC: Attend Literally Everything

Posted by StuffonmyMind on February 16, 2021

No FOMO cause imma do everything

Started the day pairing with Fabrizzio on his C project that processes WAV files https://github.com/fabrizzio-gz/wav It was fun cause I got to look at C code after a loon time, the last time I wrote C was back in high school.

Talked a bit with Shauna about Metaprogramming and LISP and then attended the Pair programming workshop, Got to pair with Phil on writing The Game of life with Python, which we both did not know about so it was nice figuring things out together.

Then I got paired with Ivan for a coffee chat, which was a lot of fun too. He is reading the Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs which I added to my never ending backlog. One day !

Attended the Generative art session where we got to see some cool artwork that people made to trip on and I also got to introduce Rangoli to other side of the world

Booked office hours with Rachel where I introduced myself and talked to her about my time at RC, sleeping pets and got some real valuable advice.

When I started work and it was already 3 AM 😢 so I just tried to set up a reverse proxy server for these micro dashboards and went off dozing at 5

One issue I faced while doing this was when some of the components wouldn’t render via the reverse proxy because it was using websockets, so I have to figure out how to handle that in my code then I also have to figure out how to serve all these different services out of a single Flask or Django server which might be an even bigger undertaking

TODO (This just keeps getting bigger and bigger)

  • Add functionality to mute one channel to the WAV project
  • Explore Metaprogramming concepts and how/ why you use it
  • Get started with some generative art project to show off the next session (probably something fractal)

I am gonna try to make some progress with the dashboard project today and if it doesn’t work out I will probably move to work on https://github.com/sangarshanan/yeet which is a toy throwaway Relational Database