T-3 Day at RC: Art and Memes

Posted by StuffonmyMind on February 17, 2021

New Projects, Art, memes and a very bad Rickroll

  • Worked on a basic SQL parser compiler for my toy Relational Database https://github.com/sangarshanan/yeet

  • Attended the Creative Coding workshop and made a basic “Spaceship Travelling the Universe” using p5.js This was the first time I have ever used p5.js and it was quite fun https://gist.github.com/Sangarshanan/d9776df6071d13d40819eebed7abceeb

  • Gave my non technical talk on Memes which was part cringe and part ironic. Attempted the poorly disguised Rickroll. Also putting up the slides if you are into that kinda thing https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ukdgtud4EzpyPhJ0zEvhGnVBQCI_rlc0R0GkiuISbbY/edit?usp=sharing

  • We started a DDIA book club with a bunch of other folks, we are meeting Tuesday next week to discuss chapter 1 & 2 (So more homework there) Jump in if you are behind on the first club or maybe even for a refresher

  • Finger crossed on the Distributed systems study group?

  • Listened to Frank ocean and wallowed in sadness for a while cause I am done with Half my batch 😭😭😭😭

  • Another Sad Note: I kinda put my Jupyter project on hold till I learn more about Django channels but something todo this weekend

  • Another project I picked up and planning to work on today is a Map version of the RC directory with the ability to spot Recursers near you and your timezone