Say hello to dadjokes-cli

Posted by StuffonmyMind on November 3, 2019

I got a Thinkpad at Grofers a while back and honestly it’s my first time using Linux. I’ve been using either windows or mac and they normally aren’t terminal dependent. Ubuntu is actually pretty cool and I am beginning to like it. I just discovered that my lockscreen has a css file and i can make it look anway I want. I guess we don’t have that kinda freedom to snoop around in other OS. But actually that kinda helps when you are a noob since during my first week with ubuntu I broke my system like twice doind stupid shit while i was root :(

But now I seem to have a slight hang of it and I definitely wanna become more comfortable with my terminal. So over the last weekend my coworker/cloutgod vinayak open sourced a bunch of cli tools and I just realised I’ve never really used CLI tools and am more inclined towards GUI. So I figured I could maybe write a small cli tool myself to get the hang of it. So I wrote dadjokes-cli

I just collated a bunch of Dad jokes from reddit and github to a make random dadjoke generating tool for your terminal. I also added cowsay so that you can cringe at an ASCII animal :P


Just pip install dadjokes-cli and let the cringe fest begin



Now maybe I will use my terminal more often. Just to get my daily dose of cringe content