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Posted by StuffonmyMind on February 7, 2023

4th Feb 2023

When I was at the summit of Chandrashila someone told me that our trek photographer had broke down crying cause this was the first time in two years of trekking here he was able to get a clear view of Nanda Devi peak, we summited on a perfect day with crisp views and it just happened to be my first time! I was secretly praying for snow on the first day but it was the second day of the trek that it snowed the whole way through, Turns out the we go through meadows and forests then, so we saw magic unfold as oak trees became gandalf with a long white robe and meadows turned into huge blankets extending to the horizon! It just happened to be the perfect day for snow.

Sometimes things just works out

As I stood here on the edge of the valley looking at the most beautiful sunset of my life, I whispered ‘Thank you’ to the mountains and I heard it back.

Today is my last day at Blinkit, it was not an easy choice to make cause the people i got to work with here were the best but i did not feel like i was doing what i am meant to do right now ! not that i know all the time what i am supposed to be but this time i knew i had to go. it was fun while it lasted and it gave me the learning of a lifetime and mentors whose words i will carry for a very long time

I am gonna join beatoven.ai as a Backend engineer, covid got me hooked on music and it has been a big part of my life since then. now my work is also gonna be to help brilliant folks generate incredible music! i will get to work with creative engineers and musicians, oftentimes both! Creative pursuits always are fun and all i want out of life is to have fun because what else is there?