Randomly Generated Kanye memes for your interpretation

Posted by StuffonmyMind on March 3, 2021

I just recently came across the Magnificent Inspirobot It is a treasure trove of absurd motivational quotes on top of equally absurd backgrounds. I spent too much time clicking and generating quotes which is sometimes thought provoking and a lof of times evoke existential dread.

Randomness can sometimes be absolutely hilarious - Someone Famous

I really wanted to do something similar so I took two things I find hilarious and mushed em all up. Dank Memes + Quotes from Kanye West

I used two different APIs to do this. Memegen and Kanye.Rest

Memegen allows you to programmatically generate memes whereas Kanye.rest provides Kanye as a service by giving us random quotes.

Combining these we have an API that randomly generates Kanye memes

It’s up on https://kanye-meme-generator.netlify.app and here is the code

Examples for your interpretation