Vipasanna Happened.

Posted by StuffonmyMind on April 17, 2024

I haven’t written anything in a long time, to be honest these last few months i have just been lazy about it with a lot going on. my social life and post work schedule has recently gotten packed with designated “chill hours” almost daily! i realised i have not made time for writing and other side projects at all, which is a little sad cause i picked these up during covid hoping to stick by them. I hope i can cut down some distractions and avoid useless social interactions to do some more of these things i wanna do cause man there is literally too much to do!!!

Last weekend i finished my 10 day Vipasanna course at Dhamma Kanchi! it was really hot and the incessent sweating made feel like running off on the second day but of course i had already decided before the course no matter what happens i am following the rules and not leaving cause if i leave i am not coming back anytime soon.

It was an intense experience with both physical and mental pain & fatigue but i came out smiling on the other side feeling pride and gratitude. My parents were really happy i went through with it and my dad even applied for a course himself which i hope he goes thro with!!

Well that is basically it for now! i might do the course again sometime in the future but preferably in colder conditions.