Pycon 2022 and the other nice things that came with it

Posted by StuffonmyMind on April 29, 2022

Conferences are back BABYYYYY !!!

Hanging out with the Python community and traveling to a new city ! Hell yeah 🤘

My talk on Building a Database with Python got accepted for PyconUS 2022 and I was pumped, Here are some of the things I did on my trip that lasted just a little more than week but I think just made my whole year

  • Cycled thro San Francisco, Started from Union square -> Japantown -> Bakers Beach -> Golden Gate (up & down) -> Presidio -> Palace of fine arts -> Lombard street -> Washington square -> Chinatown -> Union Square
  • Explored some beautiful trails in Yosemite & Salt lake city: City canyon, Bonneville shoreline & Red Butte
  • Gave my first Pycon US talk and I got some laughs again, Oh I live for the laughs
  • Made some friends, Met RC people and some amazing conversations not just about tech but just the randomest shit
  • Got into some cool stuff people were building with Pyodide and then Pyscript happened, excited for wasm future a bit more now, made me wanna work on something here
  • Someone told me they were a beginner in Python and could really follow my talk + get something out of it which made me cry so hard on the inside, Flying across the world for 30 hours was totally worth it

Attending a Python conference is my little way of keeping my curiosity alive cause hearing people talk so passionately about things they built, learnt about and discovered gets me so excited for tomorrow, I have discovered so many niches just by talking to the community and I am so grateful for it. Also I love to travel so there’s just really nothing bad about the experience except the actual sitting for 15 hours on a pressurized metal chamber in the air part along with the worst jetlag

So Pycon US 2022, 10/10 would Recommend