T-1 Day at RC: Au Revoir Shoshanna

Posted by StuffonmyMind on February 19, 2021

I am feeling a little weird right now. Maybe it’s the e-jetlag or those damn wafers I ate before I started writing this but today is the last day of my mini batch at RC and it has been a glorious week from start to finish. I did not do what I set out to do, actually I abandoned my project in the middle of the week and picked up new projects with two days to spare. I had to completely reverse my circadian rhythm and was often overwhelmed by the people and number of events happening every single day but weird enough when I look back at the week I only remember the amazing conversations, the coolest people, the cringey jokes, the coffee mugs, the zoom interruptions and follow-up apologies. I remember having fun and learning something new every single day and not gonna lie that is a wonderful thing to feel everyday.

So my first week at RC is over and here’s to more! As Gandalf once said Never Graduate or was it Morpheus?

Presentations Games and Movies !

Last day of the week

  • Had a coffee chat with Nick one of the Founders of RC where I yapped on about myself and my week at RC and then he kinda told me about how RC was born which I though was wicked cool
  • Presented my half cooked database called Yeet and the RC world map, The live demo devils were by my sides this time and allz is well
  • Ended the day with an Impromptu game night. We played Codenames and it was hella fun !
  • Dozed off around 7 AM watching Animatrix at Movie night
  • Looking forward to more learning at the weekly study groups meetings I signed up for !